The "Gallop" Heavy Metal & Rock Guitar Technique – How To Play The Gallop

Here’s a lesson on how to play the Gallop technique on guitar that is frequently used in metal music and rock. I’m playing a PRS Custom 22 guitar into a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 40 head and an Orange PPC112 Cab.

Hughes & Kettner amps are available here:

Here are the two songs I mention in the lesson:

Iron Maiden – Powerslave –

Slayer – Skeletons Of Society –


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  1. Hey Simon, I am an intermediate guitarist and i am just beginning to get this rhythm down. My problem is that i keep accidentally hitting the string on the upstroke in which im not supposed to play which prevents me from playing the rhythm properly unless i play it very slow. What would you recommend i do to stop this habit and move on to greater speeds with my galloping?

  2. I really appreciate your efforts to make these lessons.

    Also can you please teach King diamond – the possession? Can't find a decent tab or lesson anywhere. Thanks!

  3. Its a great lesson Simon.Thank you so much. I m trying to play the rythm up down up some months now and its really hard when you are used to play strictly down up down

  4. arrechisimo very cool con la pc dañada perdi todo con esto voy recordando las tecnicas esta clase te quedo fantastica maestro muchas gracias y saludos desde venezuela como siempre te votas impressive


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