Moth Equals – Border [ Dubstep Music ]

Track 3 from the 2011 album ‘The Fall and Rise’ available to download here:

Stream it on Spotify (Also available on Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc.):

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[Sample: Nat King Cole – Stardust]


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  1. yo, big moth, its kinda hard… doin this homework, i'm rather jarred… can't discard the task at hand, i'm a rather disastrous man! so while i'm at it i'd tap into ativan if i could but thats not at my hands.. damn! it aint grand, i take command over many things. but writing essays and other petty flings don't matter in the big picture- i would fathom the baddest atom-splittin spasms if i had the fixture- that trapped elixir, can't reach witha finger, so the tactics linger. what? omg aghh


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