Greatest 80's Training Songs Vol. 2

2nd compilation of the greatest training songs from the 80’s, enjoy!
1-Journey-Seperate Ways
2-Dangerzone-Top Gun Soundtrack
3-Jim Capaldi-Something so strong-Best of the best soundtrack
4-Tim Cappello-Still Believe-Lost Boys Soundtrack
5-Autograph-You can’t hide from the beast inside-Fright Night Soundtrack
6-Paul Hertzog-Kumite (Title Theme)-Bloodsport Soundtrack
7-Feel the heat-Cobra soundtrack
8-Stan Bush-Fight for Love-Kickboxer Soundtrack
9-Winner takes it all-Over the Top Soundtrack
10-Stan Bush- Never Surrender-Kickboxer Soundtrack
11-Stan Bush-The Touch


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  1. great songs. some other greats include Rad Soundtrack — Thunder in Your Heart, and Break the Ice. Iron Eagle — Road of the Gypsy, Eyes of the World. There are lots more. i dont want to overdo it hahaha

  2. i was listening to this…coulndt resist shadowboxing a bit…escalated in a full blown balls to the walls workout. every song on this is awesome, 80ties music is so motivating! thanks alot bro for introducing me to new things!


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