80s New Wave / Alternative Songs Mixtape Volume 35

This is the thirty-fifth compilation of some of our favorite alternative and new wave 80’s songs that we chose to put together in a digital version of the old school mixtape. We hope you enjoy!
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Songs included are as follows:
(0:00) Flowers – Walls
(4:19) ABC – Vanity Kills
(7:45) Yaz – Goodbye 70s
(10:14) Simple Minds – Chelsea Girl
(14:06) Charlie Sexton – Impressed
(18:18) U2 – Stories for Boys
(21:13) Payola$ – Never Leave This Place
(25:12) Midnight Oil – Sometimes
(28:54) XTC – No Thugs in Our House
(34:00) The Specials – Gangsters
(36:34) Aztec Camera – Oblivious
(39:50) Heaven 17 – Temptation
(43:20) The Replacements – I.O.U.
(46:11) Ric Ocasek – Hello Darkness
(50:52) The Adventures – Broken Land
(55:43) The Call – I Don’t Wanna


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  1. Honestly if I could double thumbs up I would. I heard some of these songs but you've introduced me to some bloody amazing songs. I would have never discovered them as some are buried in albums I wouldn't have brought. Sublime


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