The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)


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  1. I love this song 'pa pa dum dum I'm number one at that hurts, emotions are worse. Never fallen for someone ever fallen for someone I couldn't have fallen in love with de de de'

  2. Songs like this make me wish punk wasn't dead.
    well, everyone i fell in love with was someone i shouldn't have
    It totally sucks when you can relate to this song…

  3. We were there, yeah. Remember. Remember that most of the guys and gals sporting the punk uniform then who are now either dead of heroin or addicts cum Silicon Valley CEOs were once your crowd, and remember the vibe, though it was less tenacious for them than hippy was for hippy, however disdainful of hippy it was at the start for no good reason, remember it for the life, for the edge, for the something that will never be again, costumery and all, how even the garb of the ones about you seemed to say "here's your place, at last." Punk was never about the look, I give you that, but as kids making their wayward way into the world outside their parents' homes, it was warm and cuddly to have the pink and green and blue and the paint and the scraps all meshed in and all together.


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