Four Tops – A Simple Game (Motown 1972)

Four Tops live Netherlands 1972


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  1. This song was written by The Moody Blues' Mike Pender. The Moody Blues recorded a version as well. Very cool The Four Tops liked it enough to record their version of it.

  2. Grew up with Motown through the 60's…boy!….was I lucky. So many good memories. So much talent and heart felt emotion. God Bless them all..some sadly gone but always remembered.

  3. What a Beautiful Song ! Life IS a game but, We as human beings, nomatter our creeds and colours ARE all Brothers and Sisters. Only the Blind cannot see this Beautiful TRUTH ! Governments CORRUPT young minds and tell us of our DIFFERENCES and NOT what We have in COMMON with one another.
    Government's have spoiled the Beautiful lives of young men who went to Vietnam to "Kill the Enemy".
    In FACT, your government IS your true ENEMY ! The people WE voted into power to PROTECT US from enemies, have become the main source of OUR OPPRESSION !!!!!!!
    As the song says
    "We're ALL the same"
    And One glorious day
    We WILL be finally FREE My Brothers and Sisters 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. Outstanding. Just outstanding. Takes me back to 1971 when I was young and life did indeed seem like a Simple Game. Of course that's exactly what it is, if we don't act stupidly and complicate it needlessly.

  5. The reason for every problem there is in life, all the politics, the hate, the fear, the violence, the confusion, the….you name it, whatever it is that this life and this world has got, it can be summed up in the lyrics of this song, it really is all just one big game, when you really stop to think about it, life is all one big con and then you're gone.

  6. This was on of the Four Tops best songs is is justy as good as Diana Ross and the Supremes Love Child. All the for men were born in Detroit the same as Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. They have made a mistake on the date. Simple Game was
    released in September 1971 on TMG 785.


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