Weekend Jazz • 3 Hours Smooth Jazz Saxophone Instrumental Music for Weekend Fun!

Weekend Jazz – smooth jazz to enjoy on the weekend. Relax, and enjoy!

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🎧 Weekend Jazz Playlist 🎧

00:00 Use Me
04:59 Come Together
09:16 Saxual Healing*
14:23 Angel Biscuit*
17:58 Mama ‘Din Bring No Suitcase*
22:02 Shake, Rattle, and Roll
26:13 The Road Less Travelled
31:55 I Need Your Lovin’ (Every Day)
35:38 Saxobamarama*
40:01 You Don’t Drink What I Drink
45:25 Dr. Saxophone At Your Service*
49:52 Planet Groove*
54:39 Lookin’ For Adventure*

*composed by Dr. SaxLove


Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz, jazz music, smooth jazz instrumental, soft jazz, Motown jazz, jazz blues, jazz saxophone, and saxophone jazz. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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Comment (26)

  1. Thank you Dr. SaxLove. l smoke your Jazz is better for health than a cigarette.What Weekend!
    Greetings from Africa,
    Sun, Sand, Forest, Dunes, Mountains, Rivers, Savannah, Wild animals, Fruits.
    And listening your music gives Freedom.

  2. Fantastic music, thank's Doctor for sharing and all my compliments, really beautiful! In a party yesterday night in front of the northern west part of Mediterranean sea, (touristic port of Sanremo, site of Y.C.Turin), your music has been a perfect and top class background. Bravo maestro! 👍👍👍 Thank's a lot from all the associates of Y.C. Turin. Love from Italy!

  3. Yes Dr. Sax! I just got off from work and I got me a drink in my hand grooving to this!!! You know just what I need when i need it!!! Alright now! This is what im talking bout!! Love and light!!!


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