Best Of Mighty Sparrow [Calypso King of the World] Calypso Classic mix by djeasy

This is a grand mix of some of the best hits of the mighty sparrow

Slinger Francisco ORTT CMT OBE (born July 9, 1935), better known as Mighty Sparrow, is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Trinidadian citizenship. Known as the “Calypso King of the World”, he is one of the best-known and most successful calypsonians. He has won Trinidad’s Carnival Road March competition eight times, Calypso King/Monarch eight times, and has twice won the Calypso King of Kings title.

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Mighty Sparrow Intro 0:01
Mighty Sparrow – Doh Back Back 1:11
Mighty Sparrow – Whole Night We Jamming 4:17
The Mighty Sparrow – Margarita 6:30
Mighty Sparrow – Jam Back 8:45
The Mighty Sparrow – Ten To One 10:57
Mighty Sparrow – How You Jamming So 12:59
Mighty Sparrow – Zinah 15:22
Mighty Sparrow – Doh Drop The Tempo 16:44
Mighty Sparrow – Marajhin 18:42
Mighty Sparrow – Miss Mary 21:36
Mighty Sparrow – Jane 23:18
The Mighty Sparrow – Sparrow Dead 24:53
The Mighty Sparrow – Dead Or Alive 27:04
Mighty Sparrow – Witch Doctor 29:02
Mighty Sparrow – Drunk And Disorderly 31:32
Mighty Sparrow – Who She Go Cry For 33:17
Mighty Sparrow – Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Me 35:18
The Mighty Sparrow – Sixty Million French Men 38:36
The Mighty Sparrow – Love African Style 40:59
Mighty Sparrow – Sa Sa Yea 43:38
The Mighty Sparrow – Tobago Girls 45:09
Mighty Sparrow – Big Bamboo 48:02
Mighty Sparrow – Shango Man 50:32
Mighty Sparrow – Age Is Just A Number 52:38
Mighty Sparrow – Sparrow Water De Garden 55:06
The Mighty Sparrow – Sell The Pussy 58:06
The Mighty Sparrow – Mr. Walker 1:00:19
The Mighty Sparrow – Village Ram 1:03:04
Mighty Sparrow – The Lizard 1:05:38
The Mighty Sparrow – Obeah Wedding 1:07:36
Mighty Sparrow – Jook For Jook 1:10:24
The Mighty Sparrow – Lying Excuses 1:11:59
The Mighty Sparrow – Bendwood Dick 1:16:34
Mighty Sparrow – This is Madness 1:18:42
The Mighty Sparrow – Willie Dead 1:21:57
Mighty Sparrow – Sandra 1:25:05
Mighty Sparrow – Lion & Donkey (Re-Match) 1:26:48
Mighty Sparrow – Bah Ah’ Sugar 1:29:57
The Mighty Sparrow – Saltfish (Solfish) 1:32:19
The Mighty Sparrow – Mother In-Law 1:36:27
The Mighty Sparrow – Mother’s Love 1:39:19
The Mighty Sparrow – May May (Mae Mae) 1:41:04
Mighty Sparrow – Try Again 1:45:21
Mighty Sparrow – I’ll be there 1:47:36

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Comment (48)

  1. un chanteur qui est toujours là et le calypso souvenir de notre jeunesse c,étai la belle époque çà dansait à en prendre du bon temps aller nous dansons le calipso avec notre ami sparrow !!!!! isback sparrow

  2. As a Black man, an African in my 40s, l grew up to know Calispo King 👑 Mighty Sparrow in early 80s as a boy.
    Though Raggea music dominated the social consciousness those days. We fanatically and religiously followed Bob Marley and Peter Tosh biting lyrics, l would still listen to Migthy Sparrow. Long live Mighthy Sparrow. God bless.

  3. The great Sparrow… Love his songs.. Love dancing to them dancehall was not nice with out Sparrow… Mi just love him suh….. ("Saltfish sweeter than meat")… Jamaica love you loads……

  4. I inherited the love of calypso especially Sparrow from my Dad , the late Sylvan Lewis Browne with a passion , we shared our records of many Calypsonians ! RIP and RIG Dad I'll continue to fly Sparrow and calypso flag high in your name , !

  5. Great MIX !! The " Birdie " is definitely above all the rest including the Grandmaster " Kitch " Simply the best when it comes to Calypso…… Not what passes for Calypso these days !!!!! Sing Sparrow S I N G **********

  6. the. Might Sparrow is truly King
    he puts the Flowers in a crazy spin
    when I spin his records it brings joy and laughter , my friendship with Birds perch on a tree what they Really came for is to listen to pure Poetry.
    Calypso Rock's
    ~«««««» °¿°?° «»»»»»~
    Hail to the King

  7. I am looking for a Mighty Sparrow's covered version of "A Time for us" ( theme song of the movie Romeo & Juliet ) can any one give me a hint, please ? it should be around 1988

  8. The Mighty Sparrow has transcended Calypso and Soca music with an extraordinarily appealing personality and genuineness that connects with millions, truly making him champion and lover of the people. He is an extraordinary performer, singer, songwriter, musician, producer , guitarist. He is a one-of-a-kind presence that simply cannot ever be replaced.


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