Four Tops – Call On Me – Excellent Motown Ballad

A great Four Tops tune


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  1. Thanks a million for posting this tune. Wow! I've searching for this one for a long time. I had this tune on their Four Tops Album (First Album,Baby I Need your Lovin').
    Played the heck out this tune while on R&R in Hong Kong 1965.

  2. i think this is Larry singing lead, i know there is a version he sings lead on, im not sure if its this one or a different version, Larry and Levi sound kinda similar

  3. July of 1964 I lived just south of the Lodge freeway on Indiana Street sandwiched between Fenkell and the Lodge. I heard this single millions of times, it seems. I remember sitting on a garbage can in the alley behind our house listening to a group of bruthas singing "Ohh Baby Baby" a capella. I don't live all that far away from that old neighborhood–just on the other side of 8 Mile Road now–but those days are gone forever.

  4. There aren't any 4 Tops bombs I know of either. There are a few not as good as most, but the 4 Tops consistently put out good cuts – even the flips and album cuts. Some of the flips and album cuts were as good as the hits

  5. The "map" label may be the most recognizable label that ever existed. You could show this label to people under 21 who never owned a record and they very well might recognize the label.

  6. Shorty Long used the exact same instrumental track as the flipside for his hit, "Function At The Junction", released March 11, 1966 –

    This Four Tops track is the flipside of their hit, "Baby I Need Your Loving", released July of 1964-

  7. Holland, Dozier, Holland . . . a magical phrase. (Check out a great album: The Supremes Sing HDH.) This is very nice. Doesn't sound like Levi on lead, but I may be wrong. My ear's not perfect. Thanks very much.


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