Hosanna song – heavy metal version with lyrics

This is a powerful Christian worship song. It is even more powerful when it is set to heavy metal music. I put lyrics with it but it is a very basic hymn and many people know it. Check it out. To see more positive videos and be among a Christian like atmosphere go to www.heywhateversocial.info


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  1. Another way to jam out this song I am going to post someday. The bass line is all over the place, and is contrapuntally independent of the melody and the top parts. "Ho-–san–" Parallel voices going up, bass line going down in the opposite direction. Bad ass! I love parrallel 5ths (heavy metal kind of thing) but I love other interesting things going on too.

  2. Ha ha haaa… Broseph. I don't know what bible you're reading, but it sounds almost as exciting as the real word of God. One thing I hope I get to see is Jesus single handedly taking back what is His with all authority. Super hero redemption thousand fold.


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