Billy Riley – FLYING SAUCER ROCK AND ROLL – 1957 !

Not the “Alt” version, and not done with a mic pointed at an old record player. Roland Janes on that guitar, Jerry Lee Lewis on piano, Marvin Peppers on bass, and Jimmy Van Eaton on “skins”… 🙂


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  1. I had the great fortune to be mentored by Roland Janes at Sonic Recording when I was 16-18 years old. I just knew him as Roland and had no idea of his background with Sun Records and Jerry Lee Lewis. Reconnected with him about a year before he passed away. What a legend.

  2. A great song! The late Jim Wunderle and the Symptons from Springfield, MO covered this song and "Red Hot" in their live performances. Fantastic guitar work from Lou Whitney and Donnie Thompson. Billy Lee Riley should have been a star.

  3. Well, the news of the saucer been a-flyin' around
    I'm the only one that seen it on the ground
    First thing I seen when I saw it land
    Cats jumped out and they formed a band.
    Flyin' saucer rock and roll, flyin' saucer rock and roll
    I couldn't understand the things they said
    But that crazy beat just a stopped me dead
    Well the little green men, they were real hep-cats
    Rockin' and a-rollin' to the crazy flats
    They brought out a sax and they started to blow
    They brought out the drums and they started to roll.
    Well, I come out a-hidin' and I started to rock
    Little green men tought me how to do the bop
    They were three foot high, hit a few bars
    Started rock and roll all the way from mars.

  4. The scream reminds me of The Cramps' Bryan Gregory in "The Way I Walk".
    Riley was born 5 October 1933 in Pocohontas, Arkansas. Aged three, his family moved on to a plantation. He grew up playing with the children of black sharecroppers and claims he learned to play the harmonica when he was six. He left school to work in the fields with his parents when he was eight. These experiences shaped Riley's feelings for the blues. When he was 15, he joined the US Army, serving for four years. Discharged, he formed a band and began working in a shoe factory. Married in 1954, he and his wife moved to Memphis, Tennessee, and opened a restaurant, but it was closed after a gunfight. Riley then held a variety of jobs until on Christmas morning, 1955, he picked up two hitchhikers, one of whom turned out to be Jack Clement, an aspiring music producer. Clement invited Riley to record at his Memphis studio and, in March 1956, Sam Phillips, the visionary producer behind Sun Records, heard it and signed Riley as an artist and Clement as a producer. Riley died 2 August 2009….

  5. Never heard this UNTIL I gotta Brian Setzer album. Studied Up on Ol Billy Lee.ALOT of Great Players many have never heard of. Brian KEEPS REAL Rock-n Roll ALIVE AND THRU HIM I'm able to get to kno the original Artist.


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