Touch By Daft Punk Music Video

An original music video.

Touch By Daft Punk:


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  1. I think this is a film about depression. The parts where he is watching the cars and trains is just him trying to move on from his sadness. He is always looking around in some area trying to search for happiness. Then he try’s antidepressants, that’s when he is in the field. He wanders in enjoyment looking at everything in another view. Then he is being pushed through the hospital because he overdosed. In his state, he kind “projects” his consciousness and finds that happiness and returns to his body. Then the video ends with him leaving the hospital, which is him figuring out how to manage his sadness and leaving it for good

  2. When I hear this music my imagination always drift to a robot who achieves sentience through touch and imagines the how the world around it looks like gaining more and more knowledge and understanding though touch until it stops when it realizes it can't learn any further though touch alone it shuts down and we see that all the beautiful things it imagined were all long dead the world it lived on for a short time a barren husk his creators long since gone from the world which it believed to be so beautiful

  3. What a mediocre abuse of the original music. No, it's not an "original video" neither authorized, but ego shoot, not intended by the music author. Obviously some free time hour highschool project with a very boring result, school boys!

  4. This is really good. It must've taken a lot of time to record, and add special effects, and maybe even more. I don't understand why this doesn't have more views it's very beautiful!


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