Altar Boys – "Gut Level Music" [FULL ALBUM, 1986, Christian Punk Rock]
“Moral DK” is a new band with Ric Alba (Bass), Gym Nicholson (Guitar), Gary Olson (Drums), Rob Gallas (vocals), Jeff Sheets (keys), and Ojo Taylor (producer, keys). Check out their album “Cold in August”
artist: Altar Boys
album: “Gut Level Music” (1986)
1. You Are Loved 0:00
2. G.L.M. 4:11
3. I’m Not Talking About Religion 8:25
4. I Question It 12:24
5. You Found Me 15:15
6. Unconditional Love 19:04
7. There is a Love 22:40
8. Calling To You 27:08
9. Final Hour 30:20
10. Life Begins at the Cross 33:22
This was the first Compact Disc I ever bought! Artists who have their copyrighted songs registered and monetized via YouTube Content ID receive money anytime anyone listens to their song, no matter who posted it. If you are the artist and have a link for people to purchase your work, want this removed, or want additional albums uploaded, please leave a comment below. I purchased the original vinyl record and uploaded it from my personal collection; I am sharing it to educate and spread awareness.


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  1. i remember being forced into church and i was given a few cassettes of this album along with undercover "God" Rules..cassette. i was a young teen.. and i thought this sounds ok .. but then the drama started ..i didnt fit in with any of them So-called Christian kids just as much as the secular ones.. good music tho. i was in it for myself .. hahaha so, i guess i'd thought to leave it all behind the church faith and go my own ways. I'm 48 this year and just hearing this for the very first time once again. talk about ripping a scab off.this band still sounds great after all these years. well, anyways i got into my own self awareness and i don't cry out to no one. i have the strength to be me and believe in life right now and nothing after and just if there is ..I have no regrets. I live the way with just being so brutal honest with life i atone for every action and mistake i make. i carry my own cross. the Crucified Skinhead way.

  2. Engage vigorous head banging instinct, accompanied by rhythmic leaping up and down, accompanied by crushing realization that this was indeed 30 years ago and my ability to do such things is also 30 years old…bummer, but not the music…

  3. I was into Punk Music when I was younger, then found these guys & could gat the best of both worlds . . . Christian & Punk Music. Totally uncompromising lyrics and still sounds great today (my Dad would say that should be "grate" as on the ears 🙂 )


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