Showaddywaddy – Hey Rock 'n' Roll

Showaddywaddy – Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll


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  1. Sorry to go on but I do remember them on New Faeces (Clement Freud one of the judges) where they pulled out all the stops. White drummer standing on top of bass drum from the front doing backwards drumming. Hang on, was this bloke just an alky in sunglasses? If anyone can tell me where I could find that I'd be grateful.
    (After that I graduated into a metal-person but our band always did a Sabbath-sorta version of Hey RocknRoll. Imagine…)

  2. did any of these singers come from lower class hosing estates in england? you know, those kitchen sink council houses which produce illiterate skin heads and the like.
    just wondering.

  3. to me,showaddywaddy was and still are the world's best band ever,their music has been apart of my life since I was11 years old,and I'm almost 53 now, so many happy memories brought back to life when I listen to their music. I stupidly gave away every album I bought to my brother in law when CD's came around, i will regret this until the day I die, I have a couple of CD's but I don't know where to look to but either vinyl or CD, buddy was a great loss. if any one sees this and knows how or where I can get vinyl or CD please email me at thank you ,and thank you to the guys who made the music that made me who I am today x love you guys xx

  4. Great decade to live through music wise.We had so much choice.This lot always looked like they were having fun above all else.Brilliant to watch again.


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