The Best of Ray Charles (full album)

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00:00 – Hit the Road Jack
01:58 – Georgia On My Mind
05:36 – I’ve Got a Woman
08:27 – Mess Around
11:08 – Hallelujah, I Love Her
13:44 – Lonely Avenue
16:20 – What’d I Say
22:48 – You Be My Baby
25:18 – Drown in My Own Tears
28:40 – Blackjack
31:00 – It’s Alright
33:17 – Swanee River Rock
35:37 – This Little Girl of Mine
38:09 – A Fool for You
41:11 – Greenbacks
44:02 – Let the Good Times Roll
46:55 – Come Rain or Come Shine
50:34 – The Snow Is Falling

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Comment (43)

  1. Great singer, but he wasn't blind.. that was a Hollywood trick along with all the men as women and women as men now a days. You can see ray in interviews do and address things such as no blind man could. B.s… but people accept the lies and it gives them emotional sympathy and connects them more psychologically to the performer. They call it magik, I call it deceitful.

  2. 3,100 morons with bad taste…..but even such fellows are not obstacle for the Great Ray Charles…..Long live to the master. 3,100 palurdos ignorantes……pero ni ellos son obstaculo para el Gran Ray Charles……….larga vida al maestro.

  3. Ray Charles molested me as a child, but he couldn't see what he was doing so I got him to fuck a flashlight full of warm noodles nearly every time…and that's how the fleshlight was invented.


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