Hey Song – Rock n roll part 2- Gary Glitter

Hey Song – Gary Glitter

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  1. And how did he let us down? He makes it easy for us to like his talent…and makes all ages feel good. His love, that is for pleasing those who look up to him to gain their opening life experience for those at a stage that NEED TO LEARN life's experiences ..that soothing experience to them and how it shows such ones like it TO LOOK UP TO AN EXPERIENCED PERSON THAT WANTS NEWLY LEARNING ONES AT AN AGE JUST LEARNING ABOUT MUSIC so yes he shows he cares for them all driven into them FROM THAT RHYTHM HE HAS COMING FROM HIMSELF after all he is naturally that way must be in all his COMMON EVERYDAY THINGS HE DOES that said at no time has he meant to hurt anyone INCLUDING KIDS LET KIDS EXPLORE THIS ABOUT HIM. THANKS FROM A TRUE GARY GLITTER FAN. "SO NO HE HASN'T LET ANYBODY DOWN"


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