Jazz Music | Smooth Jazz Saxophone | Relaxing Background Music with the Sound of Ocean Waves

Smooth Jazz Music with the sound of Ocean Waves – relax to this 3 hour collection of smooth jazz background music combined with the soothing sound of ocean waves. Relax and enjoy…

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Dr. SaxLove specializes in jazz music, jazz saxophone music, relaxing jazz backing music, and soft jazz. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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Comment (42)

  1. The famous red phone booth on the beach in this video is located at Dickerson Bay in Antigua and Barbuda at the Coconut Grove Restaurant. I want to be there now! 😎~Dr. SaxLove

  2. Relaxing music is good for the soul. If anyone one is a new musician please let me know your channel. I'm trying to connect new musicians on mine. I won't be uploading any videos. Just trying to connect new musicians with each other

  3. 10.07.2019.А что РУССКИХ здесь некого нет? Я сам живу в КРЫМУ-РОССИЯ! я КАЗАК! А музыка! всем советую переписать,и для отдыха,и для секса!ОДНО УДОВОЛЬСТВИЕ!Джаз всегда Вечным будет,ЛЮБО!!!

  4. This was exquisite! Gave my wife a chiropractic adjustment and full body massage to this beautiful saxophone jazz, this was my parents type of jazz. Nice and Smooth. Heard some Luther Vandross, Temptations and other familiar toons. 👌Job well done


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