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Hi guys and gals,

I have a bunch of videos I’m editing at the moment, ready to go. This is the first. I decided to give you a run down on how I came up with my cover of “Slow Down” by Selena Gomez. I intended to do a quick video, but it ended up a bit more in depth that I imagined.

In this video I go through how I built up the cover version, from the drums, bass, guitars and finally vocals. All of this was recorded in Reason 7, with no external software used. It shows just how well suited Reason if for making rock music.

If you have any questions, or want to know something more specific, hit me up in the comments below.

WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO COVER NEXT? – I have an idea what song I’m going to do, but I want your suggestions! Leave me a comment!


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  1. The SSL mixer's panning behavior is purposely "less" wide than other mixers. Supposedly the hardware version behaved the same way. I heard this strait from a Propellerhead's video. but I don't remember which one…sorry.

  2. This is cool I wish there was more rock/metal related vids for reason. Even though I don't play guitar, I really struggle getting good distortion sounds in my reason mixes. (I play drums and Keys) But I always use distortion on my synth bass and keys because, even though I make Electronic Music, I'm really a Metal head at heart.

  3. Is there specific reason why you like to use panning and mis-timing individual tracks to get the "big" sound instead of chorus effects, unison racks and stereo imagers?

  4. re: stereo panning (14:59)
    This is actually kind of a "feature" in the SSL; since it's emulating actual analog circuitry, it looks like they modeled the crosstalk that came with it. There's just the slightest bit of bleed from L/R outputs into the bus/master chains, but that happens on pretty much every analog mixing desk ever made. You can actually minimize it (if not eliminate it) by reducing the "width" to 0 and panning hard in either direction.

  5. Did you have any EQ on the guitar channel strips to get rid of the high end fizz that you typically get with digital guitar emulators?

    I have reason and use the included line 6 emulator and recently bought the Amplifikation Creme guitar emulator. I play hard rock and like having more gain/distortion but I can't get rid of that high end fizz and digital sound with either one.

    Curious how you got a good sound out of them.

  6. needs more cowbell channels! 🙂
    R7 user and not really into rock but this was an excellent tutorial on how brilliant reason is for all kinds of music creation..well done sir.

  7. Hey Chris, nice going with the guitars in Reason. Good to see more people making rock with Reason. I've been busy creating guitars and making rock in Reason for around 5 years now. I think the sound with Reason 7 has made quite a leap. Check out my songs and be amazed 🙂

  8. dang man you had to create a lot of racks just to get a solid guitar sound. i love reason but they need to step it up a little in some sound quality areas. great video my friend. 


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