Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Songs

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Comment (21)

  1. Everything could be resumed in an american copy paste style and music. The guys are a kind of punk fragile assexual european prince trying to behave as a thug…

  2. Four Dragons Korea is no.1 for suicides and it is a violent male dominated society. European females only study Korean because of sexual desire for K pop boys.

  3. I find the "Korean Invasion"=skin care, cosmetics, MOVIES, fashion, K-Pop & especially FOOD, beyond ironic. I spent my childhood & adolescence being teased & ridiculed every single day for my Korean heritage, now all things Korean are embraced, even adored. To see the western world emulating & actually scrambling to turn out Korean inspired/imitated products is SO surreal. Everywhere you look you see 'Korean barbecue' this, 'Korean style beef' that & it's strange. While I'm so happy for this, I can't help looking @ it as almost a cosmic joke (on me). I truly wish my mother was still here 2 see it all, as she avoided going out 2 many places in the U.S because she stood out & it made her immensely self conscious. Who wants ppl yelling in their face as if they're 100 w/ 2 hearing aids, or while yelling they're comically over enunciating? Lol Some ppl still do that (older ppl mostly) & it can b so demeaning & embarrassing @ times. But that was then, though for the most part. I really do wish she could see Korea's star rising, though. 💖


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