Johnny Rotten Show – The Punk and his Music. Capital Radio July 1977 Part 3.

Capital Radio Interview with Tommy Vance. 16th July 1977. Last section of show. I’ve left the adverts and news reports in as I feel they give a feel for the time and show that ‘Punk’ couldn’t have happened at any time other than when it did.The last 20 minutes of this video are made up of various punky tracks that I must have added at the time or some way along the line. Enjoy or ignore.


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  1. what's the name of that first song that comes on right when the program ends, the one that goes "I'm talking 'bout a freeze/they're putting on the squeeze" and who is it by?  I've been looking all over the internet for that damn thing!

  2. Excellent! I used to have it on tape. This is fantastic! But this does not start at the very beginning. This starts with "Eastbourne Ladies". Fantastic song by the way. Kevin Coyne.


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