George Clinton – Motown Live – Atomic Dog

George Clinton – Motown Live – Atomic Dog French TV


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  1. Who else would have a man walk around in Diapers on this stage while performing? That is as far as out as i could imagine of Funk going to its limits! A Dog is what a Dog is Clinton! Need I say more?

  2. hast immer noch den besten comment.vor zwei jahren durften wir hier noch das musik vid sehen…why must i feel like that?why must i chase the cat? nothin but the do in meeeeeeeee……refrain have remain in the pop language of youtube ever since…cry :*-(

  3. was soll das denn? ich meine das auge isst mit.soll ich mir in meinem alter einen mann in windeln freiwillig reinziehen,oder denkst du @funkonaut ich bin hier im betreuten wohnen?frechheit!kannst deiner mutter zeigen…

  4. The best of funky: Georges Clinton.Un Turque qui vit en France et est fan de toi Georges.Ah la la!! j'ai prit du plaisir avec la funk psychédélique que toi seul a la secret!Merci Georges et continues STP,c'est trop puissant avec 2 ou 3 gouttes de LSD.Ce qui connaissent pas ce trip passe à côté de quelque chose

  5. girl rappers are sooooo weak, if I had gone to this concert I would have demanded my money back on the basis that her style left me disappointed. but george clinton is insane to see live, more so when bootsie is there booging down

  6. This is a sad approximation of the real P-Funk from the 70's,you need to listen to that era to feel the real funk,these fools are frontin',Eddie Hazel,Cordell Mosson etc.,now they had the funk.


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