Cradle of Rhythm and Blues (Record Row TV Documentary)

Cradle of Rhythm and Blues (Record Row TV Documentary)
Documentary on the birth and emergence of the soul music industry in the late 1950’s, along the 12-block stretch of Chicago’s South Michigan Avenue known as “Record Row.”


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  1. Willie Dixon had hits of his own in addition to being a talent scout. One I like is "29 Ways to Make it to My Baby." I have a cd of his and there's a lot of good music on it. Plus he played a mean bass on a lot of other people's records, too.

  2. I enjoyed this learning about my town from this documentary a whole lot! Thanks for posting it!

    How about that Dick Clark bit?

    "It was a big stink about nothing. The original artists got their due."

    – The White Man

  3. I just thought it was Michigan Avenue. I've never heard of "Record Row" until this documentary. Before the Dan Ryan expressway was opened, Dad used to travel past Chess Records on the way from the west-side to the southside to visit my grandmother.

  4. I love that music broke down the walls of discrimination!!!! Disgraceful that white people wouldn't play the original recordings at first. As a white person that saddensxme. We are one. So glad things have changed.

  5. The Brunswick label was a farce. They ripped off so many black artists. Barbara Walters did a special on it a few years back. If you knew who ran it you would understand why!


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