Action Man in Motown Suit by 10cc REMASTERED

Using Vinyl LP as the source media, this is a remastering of “Action Man in Motown Suit” by 10cc. It comes from the album Ten Out of 10.

A popular belief is that anything beyond “Bloody Tourists” (1979) isn’t as good. I tend not to agree with that, because there is good stuff to be found on later 10cc albums, and one of them I believe is this song.

It’s not 10cc’s fault that the 80’s finally caught up with them. They were the 1980’s back in 1974/75. They already did it. Things like “Action Man in Motown Suit” get lost in the shuffle because now the decade has arrived that sounds like this everywhere. On the charts, on television, in movies. The 80’s arrived.

But 10cc were already helping create them 4 or 5 years prior.

everybody needs a little lubrication


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