Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked Tour (Europe Week 1 Recap)

Feelin’ good for the first week back across the pond!

🎥 Jake Chamseddine

Upcoming tour dates:



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  1. Zack: Brandon? Brendon?
    Me: did you ju- well then I see how it is.
    My brother: are you talking to a youtube screen?
    Me:yeah annnnd?!
    My brother: ummm …..yeah… nevermind ….you do you I guess

  2. I went to see Panic! in glasgow, scotland (it was great) but I remember earlier today my gran (she's from Belgium) looked at the tour dates on the back of my cough cough OFFICIAL PANIC AT THE DISCO MERCH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… ahem she looked at me all surprised and went,
    "thEy wEnt tO AntwErp?"
    and I was like,
    "lol yea"
    just a thing that made me laugh 🙂 + side note, the friend i was with to go see panic! had and i think still has labyrinthitis and vertigo so because she would most likely have fallen from the super high up seats we originally had, the staff at the glasgow hydro were super sweet and gave us literaly, the first row of seats behind the standing. Shout out to the Glasgow Hydro staff for being incredibly sweet and nice to us during the entire experience, you guys are awesome.


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