Particle Business – Fermilab rap music video – funky49
About the album:
[NOTE: LYRICS BELOW] The Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland is (finally) up and running! While the folks over in Europe are busy celebrating, we thought we’d take this opportunity to pay homage to the ORIGINAL king of the particle accelerators; Fermilab in Batavia, IL, USA. The LHC got it’s own rap video back in 2008 so we figured it was about time Fermilab had one too!

Filmed on location in and around the Tevatron particle collider at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, “Particle Business” is rapper funky49’s hip-hop tribute to the “O.G. Atom Smasher.” The video was directed and edited by Dan Lamoureux, the filmmaker behind the Nerdcore hip-hop documentary, “Nerdcore For Life.” Huge thanks to all the fantastic folks at Fermilab that made this crazy thing possible! For more music from funky49 visit As for Nerdcore For Life, you can now order the DVD at!

Music – funky49 & redvoid
Shot and edited by: Dan Lamoureux
Lyrics – funky49
Guitar – c plus student
Additional vocals – Dr. Ben Kilminster
Mixed and mastered – The HT @ Studio 6, Port Orange, FL
Costume design – Christy Redd


Rock stars of physics, particle business
smash matter, anti-matter and witness
quarks, bottom to top
they dont stop
Where the Higgs at?
Yo thats their mark!
Go! Go! Go!

[verse 1]
Tevatron, OG atom smasher
Say Hello to CERNs party crasher
The new Lord of the Rings LHC hear me
This be competitive collaboration baby
Strippin electrons, makin ions
Of hydrogen, now pull that proton
Give it that speed we need to make
Real Science get achieved, I believe
Shock protons, Greatly accelerated
Two tera electron volts they rated
Fated to smash and get mated
Creatin smaller bits, energy still equated
We love collisions, Take snap shots
Till we set the right shot, learn a lot
Yo, a mad grip of events do occur
Blast fast, Data stream is a blur
Normal eventsThey get ignored
Higgs eventsThey get adored!


[verse 2]
High over frontier. Wilson Hall tall
With aesthetics, its a science cathedral
For the people that see with math
Collider detector and massive graphs
DZero or CDF, whos the best?
If pressed I guess whos closest
To quench the measurement thirst
And who got their results in first
Collision detectors, Fermion collectors
This aint the 60s with pocket protectors
These peeps cool like super-conducted
Magnets, you know four nine aint frontin


To me, triple beams dont mean
Pushin mad coke, Its scientists in lab coats
So you ready for insight twilight or limelight?
Research in basic science, Ill fight
Whos side you with? R&D dollars?
Or pork spending for anyone who hollas?
Brain drain. No technology policy
Ballot box for better decisions in D.C.
Rap Carl Sagan over new Vangelis Keys
Science cutter clowns get smacked down please
Im trippin at students slippin in
Test scores, Against the world theyre dippin
Lets be liftin, Positive like positrons
Before we ask where we gone wrong
Down with MTV, forget what you heard
Get lost in Cosmos and Mister Wizard

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be learned Carl Sagan


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