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Last night she said,
“”Oh, baby, don’t feel so down.
Oh, it turns me off,
When I feel left out.””

So I, I turn ’round:
“”Oh, baby, gonna be alright.””
It was a great big lie
‘Cause I left that night, yeah”


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Comment (39)

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  2. Tanta nostalgia que nem sei se superei essa fase! pqp

    Queria poder namorar a vida eternamente aproveitando o que me faz feliz.
    E foda-se o ano que tô escutando, 😉 te amo

  3. Jules is a genius of lyrical phrasing. He's all around the beat like a jazz singer, constantly undermining expectations, which makes this great. "Well I been in town for just now fifteen oh minutes now…," great!


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