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1. Beyonce – Single Ladies
2. Trivium – Beyond Oblivion
3. Beyonce – Apes**t
4. Trivium – Until the World Goes Cold

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Comment (41)

  1. Beyoncé had between 6 and 18 people work on each song on her latest solo album. Trivium had the 4 members of Trivium crate their music. I don't think if you compare talent on any objective level it's a fair comparison, kind of a weightlifting competition with you vs 4 dudes and a dog who work together. If you think metal is bad take Beck as an example, the album he won a Grammy for when Kanye was about to go on stage had as many people working on it as the first three songs as the Beyoncé album he was competing against. Beyoncé is not a great artist, she is a great performer which is more then you could say about most artists regardless of genera.


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