🎼 Beethoven Symphony 6 – Beethoven 6th Symphony – Best Classical Music for Relaxation and Studying

Beethoven Symphony 6 – Relaxing Classical Music for studying and concentration.
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Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony no. 6 in F ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68

1. Symphony No. 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68 – I. Allegro non troppo 00:00
2. Symphony No. 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68 – II. Andante molto mosso 9:25
3. Symphony No. 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68 – III. Allegro 20:11
4. Symphony No. 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68 – IV. Allegro 23:32
5. Symphony No. 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’, Op. 68 – V. Allegretto 27:12

Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, a.k.a. the Pastoral Symphony is a work by Beethoven, completed and premiered in 1808 in a four hour concert, toghether with the 5th. One of his few works containing explicitly programmatic content, it has become one of the central works of the symphonic repertoire. The composer said that the Sixth Symphony is “more the expression of feeling than painting”, a point underlined by the title of the first movement (Awakening of cheerful feelings…).

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