The History Of Country Music 14 Loretta Lynn

Part 14 shows how women became more influential and looks at stars such as Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette.
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  1. I laugh ever time I hear the song Stand By Your Man Tammy sure didn't stand by her man, this song should have been giving to Loretta Lynn she stood by her man tell the day he died.

  2. Be hind every mail singer is a mother , a woman , a fee mail, a friend . Christ Jesus Son of
    Mary is number one . Real music is from God . Joy , Love , Pease . Praise God for
    Music all kinds an Artist !

  3. Connie Smith of course is really the one who unapologetically her entire life has strictly sung "go out and get all the young girls you want and I will faithfully be here waiting to welcome you back keys in the mailbox".. actually she made all the money and could easily have done one for the women but to this day shes a dream come true for the drunken domineering men to go do what they want with the faithful wife sitting at home suffering not able to leave.

  4. Pasty Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Pardon ,Tammy Wynette,so many women country music artists. True Roots of pure country music sound. In Women. Singer and songwriter and talented artists.

  5. technically Jean shepard loretta lynn kitty patsy skeeter davis and june carter and dottie west where all the original country queens the rest followed connie smith said her favorite girl singer was loretta dolly and tammy even stated loretta paved the way for me the guy even stated it loretta came before tammy dolly dollybstarted in 1968 tammy 1966 loretta 1960 she was before them

  6. I get the feeling that Jean is very jealous of Patsy's popularity after her death, she seems very upset at times that Patsy received more attention than her husband.

  7. This is a great documentary, but five seconds of fact checking would've revealed that "The Pill" was one of Lynn's few hits that she didn't write. I'm surprised, the BBC is usually more on it.


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