Old Mustang Official Music Video (Johnny Rowlett) – Christian Country Music Artist

The Old Mustang is a song about the restoration of a 1969 Mustang. It may look like junk to you but with some love and restoration it can be what it was meant to be. This same thing is applied to our lives. We may have scars, guilt and shame but God sees us as who he created us to be and wants to see a restoration take place in our lives. Johnny Rowlett travels all over sharing the message of restoration through Christian Country music. Check him out at www.johnnyrowlett.com. Song written by Johnny Rowlett, Dan Root and Aaron Krott. Video shot and directed by Aaron Krott. Ford Mustang 1969, Music Videos, Christian Country


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  1. I feel like this song is the future of my Mustang. She's a '13 and people like her now, but one day she'll be a tired horse that may look like junk to you but with some love and restoration she'll be what she is today.

  2. This song rings so true for me. My Uncle spent 20+ years restoring a mustang. He lived and dreamed it. Ironically, it looks identical to the one in this video. I wish I could share a photo of his car.

  3. Love this song!! In 1974 at I saw a 69 Mach 1 roll out of a parking lot in Centerville, OH. I promised myself that one day I would have that car. Took me a lifetime, but it was worth the wait. To all those youngsters with limited funds, there is a great forum full of info and helpful people at vintage-mustang.com

  4. I'm sorry but the first car you showed was a 70 Mach 1 and then magically it becomes a 69. That doesn't make sense. Just saying next time you could pay more attention to detail. I'm only 15 and I was able to catch that

  5. 3:13 would have kept her white or make her solid black not even the stripe down the side.( yes I know how hard it is to get a perfect black paint job and to keep black clean but I want one in black one day. But probably not anytime soon probably when I’m in my mid 20s when my insurance goes down cus a teen with 2 mustangs and one being a classic that would probably be around 9 to 13 thousand every 6 months. I have a gray 2014 v6 premium with the black decal on the doors and black leather. I call her Eleanor.”but she doesn’t have the stri.” Shhhh I working on that ok. Oh Eleanor’s insurance is like 4000 every 6 months not as bad as 9 tho but if I have to eat a can of spam a week just to keep my car well give me a spoon.) did I get carried away there sorry

  6. Love the video and song. As a fellow vintage mustang owner I can understand and appreciate what it is to build your dream car from a car that others turn their nose up at. God bless you and keep up the great songs and cars! Chris.


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